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Banabay at Fruit Attraction 2022 - Madrid ,Spain

We will be in Hall 6, 6E04-9F.
Don't miss it this October 4, 5 and 6

The best of Banabay in Madrid - Spain

Banabay will be in Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Spain this October 4, 5 and 6

Fruit Attraction is business, and has become the essential commercial tool for world distribution in order to plan its campaigns for the following year, since it is celebrated in the month of October; a key commercial moment for the professional supply and demand of fresh products; and for its geographical location in southern Europe, which strategically positions the fair as a gateway to Europe from Latin America.

It is the great platform and meeting point for fruit and vegetable operators in which to build customer loyalty and open up new opportunities in new markets.

More than 90% of the exhibitors and more than 95% of the visitors repeat each year; For this reason, Fruit Attraction is consolidated as one of the main world events in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Along with the irreplaceable face-to-face attributes, Fruit Attraction has Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, a digital platform that enhances and complements new functionalities, mutually reinforcing: contact management, networking, catalog of products and services, e-mettings, video calls, content sectorial.

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Our products

Banabay Cavendish bananas are of a large size, with a distinctive fresh taste and a creamy texture.

We offer Conventional as well as Organic, Fairtrade and Organic Fairtrade options within our premium quality range.

BanaBay’s Premium Quality Conventional Cavendish Bananas are sourced from Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

Many shoppers seek out Organic, Fairtrade or Organic Fairtrade certified produce, which is farmed using sustainable techniques, thus protecting the environment for future generations and supporting local livelihoods.

BanaBay Organic, Fairtrade & Organic Fairtrade bananas come from Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

BanaBinos are BanaBay’s premium quality baby bananas sourced from Ecuador and Guatemala. They have been introduced to appeal to the children’s market to encourage healthy snacking.

With dense, creamy, slightly sweeter flesh and bright yellow skin, the smaller size fruit has novelty appeal and fits neatly into school lunchboxes.

These ‘cooking’ bananas are grown in Ecuador where the best plantains come from. BanaBay plantains are a traditional green variety.

A popular ingredient in South American cuisine, the fruit is increasingly in demand for savoury dishes in other parts of the world.

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