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BanaBay specialise in Global Banana exports. Whether you are one of our valued customers, an investor, or just interested in learning more about our products, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and our exciting and rapidly expanding global enterprise. We are one of Ecuador´s leading producers and distributors of high-quality fresh bananas.


BanaBay specialise in Global Banana production. Whether you are one of our valued customers, an investor, or just interested in learning more about our products, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and our exciting and rapidly expanding global enterprise.

We are one of Ecuador´s leading producers and distributors of high-quality fresh bananas.


On this website, you can get an overview of our company, our top quality products, our integrated supply chain, our global distribution capabilities and our world-class brand BANABAY.


Our unique quality positions our company as the ideal supplier to supermarkets, food-service operators, convenience stores and restaurants to offer our delicious fruits.


Our product brands are known as a trusted symbol of product quality, freshness and reliability. Our steadfast commitment to quality and innovation allow us to consistently deliver outstanding products to our customers.

Ethics Policy

It is the policy of our company to strictly watch and adhere to all laws and ethical standards applicable in all jurisdictions in which we carry out business, to perform our business affairs legally and ethically and to do so with openness and reliability.

This Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy is applicable to employees at all locations owned, leased, managed, or operated by BanaBay and its subsidiaries, as well as all of the Company’s directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives and each of their respective family members.

Our Company expects and demands the highest level of ethical conduct on the part of our Staff. We do not condone, accept, or practice any behaviour that fails to meet the standards set forth in our Corporate Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy.

The general guidelines of these standards are:

  • We neither offer, not accept, anything of value in exchange for on in the interest of inducing or entering into any business relationship with us.
  • We do not use corporate funds, assets, services, or facilities directly, or indirectly, for any personal use, or any unethical purpose.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.
  • We allow no false, artificial, or misstated entries to be made to the books, records, or financial statements.
  • We do not make false or misleading statements to the Company’s independent auditors, internal auditors or regulators. Under no circumstances may any employee take any actions to fraudulently influence, coerce, manipulate or otherwise mislead the Company’s auditors in connection with ongoing audits.
  • We maintain our workplace free of harassment and discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, physical handicap or religion.

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Business Divisions

Our organisation truly does all the work. We grow, pack, ship and distribute our bananas ourselves which enables us to react rapidly to ever changing market conditions.

Our structure allows us to monitor the quality and superiority of our fruits at any time, making easy the delivery at the right point of freshness.

The close control and traceability of our products from our plantations to customers ensures that we fulfil the needs of our clients rapidly preserving the quality standards for which our company has received global recognition.

Business Divisions

By hiring top experts on the field, our company is able to provide cost efficient and timely packaging solutions for our production operations fitted to the needs of our customers.

BanaBay produces top-quality bananas that give you the refreshing taste and pleasure of real fruit in a fun, convenient way.

Our R&D and Agricultural Services departments are always innovating to ensure that the physical needs of our bananas are addressed in order to protect and maintain freshness of the product. Our packaging is designed for easy packing, rapid cooling and protection of the product from the rigors of transportation. Our bananas are grown in two of the most important banana producing counties in Ecuador, from where they are shipped to their global destinations in refrigerated containers. After arrival at the destination ports, the containers are unloaded and transferred ripening facilities, then they are taken to distribution centers or delivered directly to the customer by refrigerated transport. This process requires extraordinary attention to quality in both product and packaging to assure fresh arrivals.

With fresh fruits, the challenge is to design packaging solutions (primarily recyclable corrugated) that will hold up to the rigors of transport and handling while protecting the fruit from bruising when exposed to moisture, shock and vibration. In order to accomplish this objective, the experts in our packaging department work to design packaging and graphics, choosing the correct materials and also indicating pallets and loading specifications. In our operations, we are also able to use recyclable plastics. This helps BanaBay to fulfil our customers´ needs and to deliver the freshest and most visually appealing product to every one of our retailers every single day while also preserving the environment.

The careful management of our entire supply chain ensures that bananas are available to customers at the exact right point of freshness.

A key part of our logistics network is our land trucking operations that ensures all loads are carefully controlled and customers are updated of deliveries in a timely manner.

Our logistics department closely monitors the cold chain from source to customer using specialized equipment to do so, from temptales to ethylene filters.

Our land trucking operations are key to support our distribution and make sure that the product is managed within the cold chain, with associates that focus on proper product delivery, procedures and customer service. Our trucks meet strict safety and cold chain regulations; furthermore our vehicles receive regular maintenance to ensure compliance.

From the instant our bananas are harvested, speed is an essential step in our process.

Therefore, we quickly transport our fresh produce to markets around the world using several associated shipping companies. We move the bananas using our own refrigerated trucks to the seaports, speeding up the delivery process.

The bananas are then loaded carefully into chilled holds for safe transportation. Our products are transported by vessel to distribution facilities operated by strategically associated third parties.

Once we unload the products and carry out final quality checks, our distribution facilities, with their state-of-the-art refrigeration warehouses, move the bananas out as quickly and efficient as possible on their journey to customers.

Our company through business partners and associates has several facilities conveniently located near ports-of-entry and strategically positioned throughout many countries where we market our products.

With our extensive network, we provide fast, safe and convenient distribution of our products.

Our third-parties´ warehouses are regulated by state-of-the-art thermometers, hydrometers and pulp temperature sensors to provide our products with the best environment for storage before distribution.

We offer ripening, cold storage, sorting, repacking, pick-up and delivery services. These services allow our business customers to avoid costly out-of-stocks, to receive just-in-time delivery to maximize turns and to receive value added products such as bananas ripened to their specific colour stage.


Science has a very important role in Banabay Many aspects of the fruit industry are highly technical.

his company relies on specialised outsourced experts with competency and experience in technical areas that include: research, agronomy, process technology, packaging, quality control, food safety and crop protection.

We use science in decision making processes in all key areas of our business to make sure we are supplying our customer with reliable and top quality products.

We care a lot about food safety, that is why we a specialized department focused on the safety of our products.

Food safety is assured by monitoring the product from the plantation to the market with tools such as: quality system manuals, self-auditing programs, field inspectors, statistic data of productions and chemical use, and mock recalls. Additionally, we incessantly monitor the packaging operations through associated partners and carry out training programs designed for quality managers. Operations are also audited and certified against several food safety standards as requested by customers. We also hold a GlobalGap Certification, and our packing sites are built under the highest standards.

Also, our production processes and packing systems are designed to provide detailed records and controls to ensure the highest quality and allow traceability for all of our products.

Our philosophy is that there are no short cuts on food safety, that’s why BanaBay operates the strictest safeguards to protect customers from the risk of contamination and bacterial infection. All our exports are firmly monitored by our quality inspectors, food safety staff, and also by third parties such as AgroCalidad and External auditors, these actions help to ensure the safety of our products. We endeavour daily to meet food safety and hygiene standards set by official bodies, as a consequence:

  • BanaBay has developed a comprehensive program for food safety, from seed selection and crop inspection through to monitoring water purity and packing hygiene, before shipping any cargo.
  • BanaBay is also applying several innovative programs of biological treatment on many of its plantations. Natural methods are used to fight pests and diseases wherever possible.
  • Expert agronomists audit our fields to make sure they comply with strict environmental guidelines.

The BanaBay Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed to comply with regulatory, industry, statutory, and customer quality requirements imposed by customers or regulatory agencies for items and services provided by BanaBay GROUP world-wide operations. The QMS describes the BanaBay commitments to the quality assurance requirements imposed by the Government of Ecuador, AgroCalidad, and other national/international regulatory requirements.

The BanaBay GROUP Company is based in Ecuador and it has operations in the American and European markets that are responsive to the fruit supply industry. BanaBay is made up of departments that are responsible for marketing, design, procurement, manufacture, inspection, servicing, and operation of the provision of top quality fruits to worldwide recognized customers.

The BanaBay Quality Management System (QMS) incorporates quality planning, provides a framework for managing the activities that enable the company to create items and services which consistently satisfy the customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements, and is a tool for achieving enhanced customer satisfaction.

The QMS also provides for the continual improvement of the quality management system by monitoring processes based on their significance, measuring their effectiveness against objectives, and management selection of processes for improvement.

The quality department within our organization has far reaching responsibilities on consistently supplying superior quality products. The quality department specifies the temperature and relative humidity conditions to be used for shipping our agricultural products. They are in charge of controlling our production and packing processes in order to ensure that our products follow our quality standards. This department operates as a communication link between our production, shipping and customers. Inspections are carried out at both source and destination markets in order to control product quality for sales and feedback to production and shipping. A key responsibility of the quality department is to make sure that consistent standards of evaluation are applied at all sources and markets. This is accomplished through the development of Quality manuals, training and periodic exchange visits for the quality staff.

Also included in our quality department is a technical service team that provides training to supermarket clients (for example: ripening procedures, storage and handling practices) and trouble shoots problems through supply chain audits for the purpose of providing feedback to clients as well as the BanaBay Company. In addition, third parties are also employed to oversee certification systems.

In BanaBay, we are always trying to develop more efficient ways of producing our existing products. This has become one of the key strengths of our organisation.

Our Company conducts research in order to improve fruit varieties, conducting taste-panels and monitoring the use of agrochemicals in the growing process.

The R&D department is composed of in-house staff and associate partners that provide support to the following departments: production, shipping, sales, purchasing and marketing. This department oversees our agronomy practices, product safety, packaging, pesticide management and quality assurance, by establishing policies, providing training and auditing performance.

Our Principles

We aim to do business with integrity and efficiency, to respect not only our employees, but also their communities and the environment in which they work and live. It means being a good citizen and a good neighbour.

BanaBay has developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program – from employee healthcare, healthy lunch programmes, housing complexes for employees, outdoor sporting activities, and rural education programs – which has allowed us to maintain excellent relationships with our staff, neighbours, and customers.

Our Quality

We are very proud of our quality. Our growers, packers, processors, shippers and employees share this dedication, everywhere in the world. They provide customers with the finest, most delicious and nutritious fresh fruits day after day.
BanaBay is very committed to quality, this commitment is backed by:

  • Scientific crop protection procedures that exceed local regulation requirements;
  • Strict quality control measures enforced by internal and external quality assurance inspectors;
  • State-of-the-art production, packing, and transportation technologies;
  • Continuous improvement through research and innovation.

Product Tracking

All our shipments – including boxes and containers used in transport – are labelled and coded so that the product, batch, country of origin and plantation can be easily identified at any time.

This means that all our products can be traced back through all the handling processes to where it came from. Therefore, in the event of a problem, it can be specified and remedied quickly.

It is worth noticing that most of our products come from our own plantations, hence, it is always easy to trace back our shipments to its source at all times. Also, these records are kept for a long time and available to customers when requested.





Started Journey

We started with Banabay to provide the best product to the world

We continue our journey

Following our hard work and commitment to the community, we continue to provide the best product for the world

Winning best awards

We earned the certifications of GLOBAL GAP, FAIRTRADE and more.

We improve procedures

We improve our machinery and procedures to continue our commitment.


Started Journey

We started with Banabay to provide the best product to the world


We continue our journey

Following our hard work and commitment to the community, we continue to provide the best product for the world


Winning best awards

We earned the certifications of GLOBAL GAP, FAIRTRADE and more.


We improve procedures

We improve our machinery and procedures to continue our commitment.


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