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Our products

BanaBay offer a variety of healthy, wholesome and nutritious products...

Essential to a healthy lifestyle. We rush top-quality fruits to you assuring you are receiving the freshest, most flavourful and delicious fruits available.

Fresh Fruit

From our plantations to you, we nurture our products to give you the very best. For today’s busy consumer, eating healthy is as simple as picking up a BanaBay product designed for those on the go.


Through vertical integration, just-in-time delivery and excellent handling practices, BanaBay ensures great quality from our plantations to our consumers. Our unbroken cold chain from field to store, combined with our innovative packaging, allows us to provide fresh cut products that are free of additives and preservatives.

BanaBay fresh cut product is prepared and packaged in our own facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment and operate under strict food-safety and quality management systems.

BanaBay’s Premium Quality Conventional Cavendish Bananas are sourced from Ecuador and Dominican Republic

We have a special section to tell you about our flagship product, our premium quality banana

Discover our new shrimp export line

We are World Leaders production and export of premium quality shrimp

More of our products

We are very proud of our quality. Our growers, packers, processors, shippers and employees share this dedication, everywhere in the world. They provide customers with the finest, most delicious and nutritious fresh fruits day after day.

We care a lot about food safety, that is why we a specialized department focused on the safety of our products.

Food safety is assured by monitoring the product from the plantation to the market with tools such as: quality system manuals, self-auditing programs, field inspectors, statistic data of productions and chemical use, and mock recalls.

Our packaging department endeavours to keep the “fresh” in the fruits that are harvested daily. By hiring top experts on the field, our company is able to provide cost efficient and timely packaging solutions for our production operations fitted to the needs of our customers.

Our new lines


BanaBinos are BanaBay’s premium quality baby bananas sourced from Ecuador and Guatemala. They have been introduced to appeal to the children’s market to encourage healthy snacking. With dense, creamy, slightly sweeter flesh and bright yellow skin, the smaller size fruit has novelty appeal and fits neatly into school lunchboxes.


BanaBay pineapples are MD2 Golden variety sourced from Ecuador and Costa Rica.

With a distinctive gold colour when mature, they have been selected for their sweeter pulp and lower acidity than other types.

Conventional or Organic options are available and BanaBay pineapples can be supplied with or without crowns.



  • Kent (source: Brazil, Colombia, Peru)
  • Tommy (source: Brazil and Colombia)
  • Keitt (source: Brazil and Colombia)
    Edward (Peru)

Organic, Fairtrade and conventional options available.



  • Semil 34 (source: Dominican Republic)
  • Carla (source: Dominican Republic)
  • Hass (source: Dominican Republic Columbia and Mexico)

Hass Rainforest Alliance accredited Avocados available


BanaBay has chosen Persian limes to add to the range. Larger than Key limes, they come from Peru and Mexico.


Established 10 years ago, we are pioneers in shrimp farming in the Americas. Our experience positions us as the most reliable company (and country) in the shrimp market worldwide. We produce and market shrimp of the highest quality, consciously, socially responsible and in harmony with the environment.


All of our sustainability programs
are based on rigorous internal policies

Independently Audited

All of our sustainability programs are based on rigorous internal policies and systems as well as widely accepted international standards. Due to the proliferation of standards, the related costs and corresponding resource requirements, we have selected what we and many of our stakeholders consider the best-in-class food safety, environmental and social standards in the agriculture industry.

Traceability & Quality Control

For tracking and quality purposes, all of our products are labeled so they can be traced back to the source. We also use bar codes on each box if the customer needs them.


The Fairtrade concept is all about ensuring that workers and farming communities receive in some of the poorest parts of the world receive a fair price for their produce and enjoy decent working and living conditions.

Global certifications

The goal of this certification is to create a universal standard to achieve safe production methods, using responsibly natural resources and securing welfare of workers and animals.